A word from the Author

Hi everybody (or folks),

My name is Lucie and I am really happy to present you our project Between Two Worlds.

I discovered my passion for drawing graphic novels four years ago. I was at home with our baby girl and as she was a sweet baby that slept a lot, I got quickly bored. So I searched what to do with my spare time and I started to draw…I always loved arts, and some people say that I am talented, so I wanted to start something new…something exciting.

I was used to draw and paint, but I never did graphic novels in my life before… At first I did simple sceneries, I learnt how to use professional markers, I discovered my own style – and one night I had a dream that changed it all…I dreamed about the story  – about MY story…I saw the landscapes, the people, I even saw their names…the first scene of my graphic novel was there. It was intense and I past the following weeks to develop this one scene, to start the novel…

My style is old school. I don’t use any other things that sheets, pencils, markers and aquarels. Everything is handmade, original, not photoshoped, not arranged by computer, only scanned…I don’t even use a light table. Every little line is drawn directly to the original paper. I want my graphic novel to be a real feast of colors, emotions, details…I want you to enjoy every page of it!

This is Between Two Worlds…a dream that came true, thanks in part to my husband building this website and helping me share my novel with you. He is also my best critic concerning the story (because yes, I don’t only draw, I also develop the story line), and he lend a hand with my English…

I hope you will love your journey through our Two Worlds, and If we can give you 10 minutes of joy and fantasy every week, it will be the best ten minutes that we ever invested…

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