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Hi folks, our story continues!


Special Easter

Hi folks, not much is known about dragons but one thing we can say is that they can lay eggs!

We hope you had happy Easter holidays and how better to extend the celebrations than by reading new pages!

Chapter 3 – Black Wedding

Chapter 3 is here!

First and foremost, merry Christmas everyone.
Things were not so easy last months but we managed to get out 5 pages as a new year gift, wishing you all well.

We start the Chapter 3 with the black wedding, where last time we left Ezra facing her destiny without knowing what fate awaited Rahid on that lost continent. You can read it here!

Chapter’s 2 conclusion

Between Two Worlds

Hi everybody, I know the wait was long but this time you will be treated with the the very conclusion of the second chapter.

Do not worry, we heard your words and encouragements, this is not the end as we prepare for the next chapter of our story! Have a good read and see you soon 🙂


Between Two Worlds

In this new release, we return to Rahid’s point of view as he prepare the journey to sail toward his destiny. Page 13 to 15 are now available here, please enjoy as always 🙂

Summer Special

between two worlds

What a great summer we had, and what better way to end it than new updates! Page 8 to 12! You can begin here 🙂

Quality Time

This week, Count Arail is clearly up to no good.

between two worlds

Have a good read here!!!

Chapter 2, Page 6

between two worlds

Page 6 is here, enjoy! 

Legend Keeper

Did Rahid and Elmaron instead found a ghost?

Between Two Worlds

New Page is available  🙂

Search for the Legend keeper

Who is that mysterious Legend Keeper?
This week, accompany the Prince of Stoneburgh on his journey to find out…

Between Two Worlds

Page 4 is here!