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I got my eyes on you!

What does Aljah’s intend to do now?

Between Two Worlds

New page is here! 🙂

Count Arail true colors

Events are taking a dark turn as we follow Ezra’s return to Arias Hold, can she really escape her fate?


Find out here 🙂

Chapter 2 begins!

Hi everybody,

we start chapter 2 with a return to Arias Hold were events are unfolding during Ezra’s absence. Find out what happens here 🙂

Also, we cleaned the menu on the main page and more importantly, we are trying a new text font for the story after several suggestions to go with a more handwriting like style. Please let us know what you think!

Have fun!

Chapter’s Final

Hi everybody!

This week is the chapter’s final, I hope you will enjoy the conclusion and the dedicated hard work of Lucie 🙂

Of course, Chapter 2 is coming in next week, so don’t be alarmed!
Read it here!

Special Mother’s Day!

As a mother herself, Lucie would like to give you all a Mother’s Day gift by making page 16 to 18 available to read. 🙂

Enjoy it here!

Page 15 is here!

Page 15 is here!

Page 14 is here

Who is that mysterious messenger?
And more importantly, that women in red?

Page 14 is here!

Special Easter – Page 10 to 13 !

Hi everybody,
We are pleased to show our Special Easter – Page 10 to 13 !


Page 9 is here!

After Ezra  face her fate strongly,
how does Rahid fares after their separation?

Page 9 is here!

Page 8 is here!

As the sky fleet departs for Sera Rock, Ezra ponders on the futility of it all.

Hi dear readers, this week page 8 is here!