The Story

What is “Between Two Worlds”?


“It is a story about love at first sight. Your classical princess trapped in her castle waiting to be delivered by her charming prince. Well, yes and no. You’ll get plenty of the royalty stuff but Ezra is certainly not a pushover and her prince, certainly not a shining knight. Sky ships roams the skies in Upper Sphere as the Low Landers look on with either amazement or hatred born of envy. Contacts between the two societies are kept to a minimum as the gates of Arias Hold are not only out of reach but also closed to any but its own people. Secrets are closely guarded and knowledge of the old continent, worth dying for…

The heart of the story is about Ezra and Rahid, the love that will break all rules between the two worlds. You will follow and live their adventure which will be more than a simple love story. For Ezra is far from the shy and obedient princess everyone expect her to be while Rahid is not either “Prince Charming”. Together or apart, they will forge their own destiny while facing the dangers which follows for going against laws and traditions. What would have been an innocent night will become an odyssey changing everything.

I will tell this story softly, exploring all the different characters, their world and familly ties… but when the moment come, there won’t be any lack of action.”

What is my involvement?

I dare say it is a joint project from my wife and me, but really, it’s all about delivering her story and art to you through my meager computer skills. I do the scan, correct the images and do text translation from french language ( Well, I do what I can… ) while working on our website and actually trying to launch this campaign. As many people, we both work full time and take care of our family, so mostly this project started as a hobby. My take on this is that for her to continue her story and keep her motivation as it is now, the best way would be like all authors to share her story with her fans.

We have published so far 4 pages of the story and intend to publish even more every week once the promotion campaign starts. There is also plans for web comic videos, hopefully with narration for people who would like to hear the tale told by the author herself.

So I hope we can deliver some fun to you all and like Lucie said: ” Stay tuned! “

"Once upon a time, in a far far away land, two worlds existed as one…"